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Over the years, we’ve built a culture of service, teamwork, and innovation. With an exceptionally diverse staff and an average tenure of ten years, we are proud that people choose to build their careers with us.

JOHO should be your no.1 provider of Electrical, Instrumentation, and Control  Services for various industrial sectors ( Oil & Gas,  manufacturing, and Power) in Nigeria.

Our Engineers and tradesmen are experienced in delivering turnkey Electrical and Instrumentation and Control  Solutions that meet industrial needs. We have the expertise to deliver in your Motor Control Centre (MCC), Low & High Voltage Transformers, Testing and Commissioning of Low &High Voltage Electrical Switchgears, Low & High Voltage Substations, Marine Operations/ Navigational Aids & Sensors, Field Instruments (Flow, Temperature, Pressure & Level), LCP Enclosures & Cable Glands Explosion Proof Fittings & Lighting, Junction Boxes.

Installation services of all hydraulic, pneumatic, and process instrument tubing and associated fittings as per design. Others include all Calibrations and Pre-Commissioning and support Commissioning Team  requirements


We are precise on our delivery in all project.

We are specialists in designing,

specifying, procuring, calibrating, installing, piping, loop checking, commissioning and maintaining instrumentation and control systems


We can manually automate all process depending on the project background
Electrical Engineering Services Competencies
HV and LV Power Reticulation, (overhead lines and switchyards) Procurement Support
MV switchgear Factory and Plant Fire Detection / Alarming and Control
LV switchgear Intelligent Lighting Control
Transformers-Distribution and Power Emergency power systems
MCC (Motor Control Centers) Electrical maintenance
Lighting and small power distribution systems, Lighting Installations
Cable support systems Associated electrical Services
SCADA Systems Telemetry
Safety Systems Flow Metering
Fire & Gas Electrical Switches
Wellhead Operations and Maintenance Well jacket gas conditioning skids
wellhead control panels both pneumatic and hydraulic Fisher pneumatic controllers/repairs kits
High-pressure stainless steel tubing Axelson stick pilots/Fisher pilots type 4660 with repair kits
Level controllers, pressures controllers, as well as other oil field-associated equipment. Assorted pneumatic relays Nutech & Versa with repair kits
Programmable logic controls system (PLC). Haskal hydraulic pumps with repair kits
Generator packages, compressor packages, motors, and pumps. Sidewinder/texteam chemical pumps with repair kits
Whitey needle valves, gauge valves kerotest Mc Daniels panel gauges/Ascroft gages
Enerpac hydraulic hand pumps with perma-cal test gages
Process Flow Detection. Process Valves.
Supply and Installation and calibration of digital contact-based or analog flow detectors for flow monitoring and control. Procurement, supply, and installation of valves( digital valves or analog control valves).
Level detection Instrumentation Pneumatic Control Systems