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Over the years, we’ve built a culture of service, teamwork, and innovation. With an exceptionally diverse staff and an average tenure of ten years, we are proud that people choose to build their careers with us.

 It is the Policy of JOHO to give great importance to the Health and safety of her employees and partners in the design, construction, and installation, technical support/ Maintenance of all the engineering systems and facilities.  

It is management’s responsibility to do everything reasonably practicable to prevent personal injuries. It is also the duty of every employee to exercise personal responsibility and to do everything to prevent personal injury or injuries to others. 

Environmental protection is of prime interest, concern, and important business objective. We are particularly committed to: 

  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations. 
  • Follow a systematic approach to environmental management plan in order to achieve continual performance improvement.
  • Prevent pollution, maximize recycle and reduce waste discharges and emissions in line with regulatory requirements.
  • Emphasize every employee’s responsibility in environmental performance; ensure appropriate operating practices and training. 
  • Promote awareness among contractors, suppliers, and customers for shared responsibility towards environment protection and management.
  • Provide safety ware such as Helmet, Safety Shoes, Gloves, Glasses, Apron, Safety Belt, etc. to be field staff


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